Vision Sign & Design is a professional sign contractor that specializes in the design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of signs for businesses and commercial use. Here are some of the main tasks we perform:

  1. Consultation: Vision will begin by meeting with the client to discuss their goals for the signage project. This may include reviewing the client’s branding and marketing materials, surveying the installation site, and recommending design and construction options.
  2. Design: Based on the client’s needs and specifications a design concept will be curated that incorporates the branding and architectural elements.
  3. Permitting: If the sign is an exterior sign a permit will need to be filed and approved with the local municipality before beginning fabrication. All paperwork required will be signed and filed in person or online by Vision Sign & Design using our license, insurance and registration with the local municipalities.
  4. Fabrication: Once the design has been approved, Vision Sign & Design will begin the processing of fabricating the sign. This may involve cutting, routing, and shaping the materials such as metal, plastic, wood and adding graphics, lighting, and other features as needed.
  5. Installation: After the sign is completed, an install will be completed at the designated location of the client. This can include securing the sign to a building, pole or other structure and insuring it complies with local regulations and passes necessary inspections to abide by safety standards.
  6.  Maintenance: Vision Sign & Design guarantees 5 years on all new LED signage but after this term we can provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure that the sign remains in good condition and continues to function properly over time. This includes replacing lighting, retrofitting lighting, repairing damage caused by weather or outside factors.
  7. Removal: Sign removal may be required for businesses that are moving locations, going out of business, or rebranding. We can provide a quote to remove signs, repair facade, and install new signage for replacement.
Harley Davidson Sign in Joliet
  • Signage Facts

    • 8 out of 10 New Customers Enter a Business Because of Its Signage
    • 68% of Consumers Compare Signage to the Business’s Overall Quality
    • 35% of Shoppers reported a Sign is the Reason they knew about the Local Business
    •  50% of Consumers Don’t Enter Business with Poor Signage
    •  60% of Businesses That Update Their Signs See Improvement in Sales
    • 1 in 5 People Make an Unplanned Purchase After Seeing an Ad on a Digital Sign
    • LED Signs Can Increase Brand Awareness by 86%
    •  Monument Signs can increase sales by 9% and Pole Signs can increase sales by over 15%


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